Mittwoch, 26. November 2008

Eating and Drinking in Bamberg

»Du bist, was du isst!«

In Germany, people's eating habits are very often linked to their lifestyles. Get a broader picture of how students in Bamberg fill their stomachs and who they socialize with while doing just that. Which food type are you? The Minimalist? The Trendsetter? The Social-Organic Ecologist? Or more of a Mammy's boy or even a Mammy's girl? Check it out!

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Thanks a million to you, Nicola and Elaine, for your help!

Andy & Séb

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Hallo Ihr,

ist echt ein sehr guter Podcast geworden. Vor allem gefallen mir eure Soundeffekte. Da steckt wahrscheinlich echt eine Menge Arbeit drin.
Also hat mir sehr gefallen.