Samstag, 22. November 2008

The Bamberg Horseman

This podcast was produced by Judith and Dirk, two students from Bamberg, neither of whom possesses a horse.

The Bamberger Reiter is an Early Gothic equestrian statue in the cathedral in Bamberg. Although the statue itself doesn't seem that impressive to us today, the mystery behind it transcends its physical smallness. This was the main thing which caught our interest and convinced us to produce a podcast about it. So with this podcast, we intend to inform you briefly about the mystery behind the Bamberg horseman.

For more information on the statue, check out this site (in German):

Or this shorter site (in English):

Or listen to our podcast: Download MP3

Thanks to our tandem group in Galway, Clemens and Denise, for giving us the idea!
And many thanks to Esther for helping us out with our English!

Judith & Dirk

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Erica hat gesagt…

Thanks for the info on the Bamberger Reiter! I had no idea about most of these facts and will have to go back to check it out!